AQUA neopet 76

Pure taste of water
Known for exclusive transparency and excellent organoleptic properties. Ideal for the packaging of water and non-carbonated soft drinks.

neopet IV

Singularity for common habbits
Excellent for any of your product – premium underlay for the packaging of beverages and foodstuffs for different purposes.

neopet 82 FR

Colourful life – ecological choice
Enhanced infrared (IR) absorption ensures fast and cost-efficient production of packaging for basic consumables.

neopet 84 FR

Economy: it‘s fast and safe
Improved viscosity and enhanced infrared (IR) absorption guarantee a cost-efficient packaging for basic consumables. It is recommended to use it with a secondary raw material R-PET.


Exclusivity: for high quality life
Specialised products


Sustainable solution for PU industry