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Country’s profile: Lithuania – business, but not as usual

2020 / 04 / 06

Lithuania – sustainable growth, R&D efforts in circular solutions, fostering new technologies and processes, inspiring and educating a new generation and further challenging steps in the plastics industry.
As Karen Laird, the editor of Sustainable Plastics magazine is saying:

The world cannot get along without plastics, whatever the plastics bashers may say. Obviously, however, we can do just fine without the plastics waste, irresponsible attitudes and unsustainable practices that have contributed to the negativity surrounding plastics and the plastics industry.
And these days, the plastics industry is not only starting to imagine a world in which plastic waste belongs to the past and plastics have become sustainable – it is also trying to help create one. Circular thinking, which started out as a trend, is fast becoming a requirement, helped along by popular demand and stringent legislation. The plastics industry is changing, and this new magazine aims at being part of that transition.

In NEO GROUP we strive for innovative solutions for ever better performance. We work closely with our customers, brand-owners and suppliers to support the circular economy. Our sustainable PET resins will help them to meet stringent consumer needs and the industry’s high standards. Turning the waste again into valuable products, where NEO GROUP with its know-how, professional team and innovation power can play a big role in turning this industry into a circular industry. At NEO GROUP we believe the future will be built through collaboration and innovation within the entire value chain.

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