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Investor‘s Spotlight quality award was granted to engineering and IT study programs
2020 / 06 / 05
The Investors’ Spotlight quality labels, a project conducted for the fifth consecutive year, have been awarded to eight study programmes of engineering and IT. The winners include study programmes of five Lithuanian higher education institutions. This year has been an exceptional year for the project. For the first time, reviews of study programmes were carried […]
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NEO GROUP team remote working
2020 / 05 / 06
Thank you for being together during this difficult period and not only ensuring continuity of NEO GROUP production in your daily work, but also contributing to the continuity of the food supply chain – drinking water, safely wrapped vegetables and fruits, packed meal for hospital staff is extremely important in the phase of pandemic. Production […]
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Pandemic brought new opportunities for plastics companies
2020 / 04 / 24
As Sustainable plastics magazine emphasized, Klaipeda’s plastics companies are reluctant to forecast their 2020 results at this point: while the demand for some current and new segments has increased over the past few weeks, it is still unclear how oil prices and the state of the global economy will develop. NEO GROUP, one of the […]
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Together We Are Stronger
2020 / 04 / 15
In response to the needs of our neighboring communities, NEO GROUP UAB provided further resources for activities related to the prevention, counteracting and fighting against COVID-19. NEO GROUP grants a donation, dedicated to the purchase and supply of large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from China. On 15th April we supported Gargždai hospital in […]
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