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Nominees 2019. FDI Project of the Year

2019 / 06 / 03

NEO GROUP is proud to be nominated by Emerging Europe for smart and sustainable development, which brought a positive impact on the whole country.

The companies, organizations, agencies and local governments have all been chosen as nominees for the Emerging Europe Awards. NEO GROUP was assessed in “FDI Project of the Year” category. Foreign direct investment has been the fuel powering the engine of growth in the CEE region over the last few years. While it’s essential that businesses nurture their own capital and that regional companies expand across the goal, FDI remains an integral part of the economies of emerging Europe. But smarter and more sustainable development is now key. Foreign investors can no longer see the regions simply as a source of cheap labour or an easy market for their products – they need to plan their investments in order to give to the community in which they are developing.


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