NEO GROUP team remote working

2020 / 05 / 06

Thank you for being together during this difficult period and not only ensuring continuity of NEO GROUP production in your daily work, but also contributing to the continuity of the food supply chain – drinking water, safely wrapped vegetables and fruits, packed meal for hospital staff is extremely important in the phase of pandemic. Production and laboratory department are working in their standard pace, performing their tasks, but more cautious in terms of personal safety and protection: using more personal protection equipment, more frequent hand washing, ventilation of our facilities and keeping social distancing wherever possible. The fact that we are constantly producing raw materials for plastic packaging and delivering it to our customers is thanks to all of our employees.

As COVID-19 is shifting the global business landscape, for all NEO GROUP employees it is another active and busy week in unusual conditions: some works on the shifts, but without small chats or short team coffee breaks, some experience home office challenges. It is a huge change for all of us, but also a new experience, which will make us smarter and stronger. We try to stay social even working remotely – through regular teleconferences, having „remote coffee breaks“, sharing our good mood and home office atmosphere!

We wish you strong health! And – stay at home, be patient, be social – but online – and help to stop the virus

Same factory, same coffee break place, but no people.

BEFORE COVID-19 (on December, 2019) and 5 months later AFTER the COVID-19 spread (May, 2020).>

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