Investor‘s Spotlight quality award was granted to engineering and IT study programs

2020 / 06 / 05

Today, the initiative “Investor’s Spotlight”, that was carried out five years in a row, has presented quality awards to eight engineering and IT study programs this year. Five Lithuanian higher education institutions received this award.
This year has been exceptional for the project. For the first time in five years, the study curriculum reviews were carried out remotely via online meetings instead of live communication. In addition to this, not only engineering but also IT study programs were reviewed according to the needs of foreign investors’ businesses located in Klaipeda’s region.
“Investor’s Spotlight” reviews were targeted at the IT disciplines as well as the engineering field. In this way, we aim to promote the choice of these studies among graduates, because there is already a lack of qualified specialists in the field of engineering and information technology that Lithuania can offer to foreign investors coming to our country. “It is essential to find solutions for the lack of demanded employees, otherwise Lithuanian competitiveness might decrease” – says Mantas Katinas, the general manager of “Invest Lithuania”.
During this project, businesses are invited to review the curriculum (study program) and teaching methodology, to provide recommendations for higher education institutions on the study programs improvement measures and educate students according to the needs and requirements of the labor market. Representatives from more than 50 different foreign and local capital companies in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, and Visaginas were engaged in this project to review a total of 9 programs, 8 of which received the “Investor’s Spotlight” quality award in Vilnius Gediminas technical university, Vilnius university of applied sciences, Kaunas university of technology, Kaunas university of applied engineering sciences, and Klaipeda university.

We understand that students education is not the sole responsibility of a university – the process has to unite all interested parties – starting from schools to business and local communities. While participating in the study program review, we have found mutual value: our engineers shared their extensive experience and good practice and took an opportunity to improve current processes in our company; simultaneously the interaction between practice, research and development, and theory will increase and become closer to the real business practices. We hope that the business contribution to the study programs will be a step forward and that the students that choose engineering studies in Klaipeda university will remain in Klaipeda’s companies to build and continue their careers

— says Rūta Žilienė, Human resource and communication director at UAB “NEO GROUP”.

The programs that received an improvement plan according to the businesses’ recommendations were granted the “Investor’s Spotlight” quality award. We noted, that after receiving this award, most of the higher education institutions get more attention from high school graduates, and in recent years, the number of applicants to the evaluated programs has grown by as much as 77 percent.
Study programs that received the “Investor’s Spotlight” award in 2020:
1. Electronics Engineering bachelor program in Vilnius university of applied sciences
2. Mechatronics and Robotics bachelor program in Vilnius Gediminas technical university
3. Automation and Control bachelor program in Kaunas university of technology
4. Informatics bachelor program in Kaunas university of technology
5. Material processing engineering bachelor program in Kaunas university of applied engineering sciences
6. Electrical Engineering bachelor program in Klaipeda university
7. Informatics Engineering bachelor program in Klaipeda university
8. Chemical Engineering bachelor program in Klaipeda university
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VšĮ “Invest Lithuania” together with the association “Investors Forum” is implementing the initiative “Investors’ Spotlight” to promote business and education cooperation and increase the popularity of the study programs that are attractive to foreign investors.