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Thank you for your decision to cooperate with UAB "NEO GROUP" – we will be your reliable business partner working together for our mutual success. You are welcome to familiarise yourself with the information intended for business. Applied for contracts concluded from 18/11/2020. Applied for contracts concluded from 08/08/2017 to 18/11/2020. Applied for contracts concluded from 09/09/2014 to 08/08/2017. Applied for contracts concluded from 15/04/2014 to 08/09/2014. Information for contractors and carriers, working in UAB "NEO GROUP" territory: Other: Reporting of concerns (whistleblowing) We believe that transparency, trust, and good communication throughout the organization promotes a better work culture, are essential to the sustainability and long-term success of the Company, therefore the UAB NEO GROUP provides its employees, business partners and other interested third parties with the following whistleblowing channels. Reporting of concerns (whistleblowing) is to report possible illegal or suspected illegal, actions and violations of our Policies. Examples of violations include, but are not limited to: fraud and corruption, harassment and discrimination, and violations of environmental and human rights laws. The whistleblowing system of UAB NEO GROUP is governed, among others, by the principles of fairness, the presumption of innocence, proportionality, and protection of the informant's identity. The information received will be handled ensuring maximum confidentiality. This whistleblowing system is available to employees, business partners, and other interested third parties. They can communicate the existence of irregularities or infringements through the reporting channels provided.
Whistleblowing channel, via e-mail: [email protected] Whistleblowing channel, via letter, by post to: UAB “NEO GROUP” To the attention of the Chairman of the Board Industrijos St. 2, Rimkai, LT-95346 Klaipeda District, Lithuania
All reports and notices received through whistleblowing channel [email protected] shall be received by the Group Chief Legal Officer or shall be without undue delay forwarded to him if such reports and notices are received through other whistleblowing channels. In order to enable the Company to effectively evaluate and investigate the report, whistleblowers are urged to provide a detailed description of the matter. All notices may be submitted anonymously, however, reporters are encouraged to provide the Company with their names and contact details (email, telephone number), since it may help in the investigation and let the Company inform the whistleblower of the results thereof.
If the information of interest to you is lacking on the page, please contact us [email protected] and we will answer any questions you may have.

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