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A dynamic, modern manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) resins,
NEO GROUP is one of Europe’s leading producers of high quality PET resins and polyols.

Founded in Lithuania in 2004, NEO GROUP is strategically located in the heart of Europe. Serving nearly 300 packaging companies across over 30 countries, NEO GROUP was initially established as a company manufacturing PET for food and beverage packaging. NEO GROUP expanded into the chemical recycling of PET waste in 2011 in order to provide a complete, responsible service to its clients, with NEOPOLYOL popular in the construction industry.

Our Values

  • Openness & Honesty
  • Teamwork & Empowerment of our Employees
  • Quality
  • Responsibility for the Health & Safety at Work of our Employees and Environmental Protection
  • Innovation & Continuous Improvement

We are proud to state that our company value of openness and honesty is evident for both clients and employees. We empower our team in order to encourage the best possible combination of skill, innovation and facilities, resulting in exceptional fact-based solutions for our clients. By taking strict responsibility for our employees personal and professional development, we will continue to deliver these advantageous solutions.

Our company values reflect our dedication to quality, with an open-minded approach to feedback, finding solutions, and open and honest communication. As a team, we are committed to delivering quality in everything we do, from the customers’ initial contact to ensuring the product is delivered precisely as required. We understand the importance of complete reliability, so we consistently maintain our activities and facilities to the highest standard, with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 conformity.

NEO GROUP is an active member in the Commitee of PET Manufacturers in Europe (CPME) association, the Klaipeda Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Crafts and the Association of Lithuanian Chemical Industry Enterprises. NEO GROUP has represented Lithuania in the HSBC European Business Awards and conforms to the DNV-GL Management System Certification.
Continuous improvement and innovation is a NEO GROUP value that allows us to maintain our position as the leader in our field, with our product and process development always under appropriate review for the best results for our customers and our shareholders.

In terms of taking responsibility for the health and safety of our employees at work, NEO GROUP can be relied on to take every precaution as well as promoting efficient and effective working practices, with this approach clearly communicated to our teams.

Environmental responsibility is imperative across our production processes and our facilities. NEOPET and NEOPOLYOL are well-known as the responsible, reliable choice for PET resins and polyol requirements. We pay exceptional attention to the highest standard of sustainability regarding raw materials, energy usage and recycling, with the long-term environmental quality of our business as important as short- and medium-term results.

As a respected European PET producer, NEO GROUP is an ambitious partner to multinational and global clients, with ongoing innovative, development plans.

Our Values


NEO GROUP is a responsible neighbour and we fully understand our role in the community. We take our impact on our local environment as seriously as the wider environment and we are in regular communication with our neighbours to ensure the minimum impact of our activities.

We appreciate that industrial production impacts the local community as well as the local environment and as such NEO GROUP is dedicated to taking all possible scientific, technological and human measures to respect and ensure the safety of our employees, our neighbours and our surrounding area.
Further information about Quality, Environment, Waste Mangement and Safety in NEO GROUP is available here:


Annual PET resins capacity of

Today, NEO GROUP continues to improve and invest, including adding a third PET production line in June, 2018, taking the annual PET resins capacity to 500,000 tonnes. The company is committed to ensuring its varied product portfolio is consistently delivering strong, transparent and lightweight solution capabilities to our customers.

NEO GROUP is driven by quality. Our PET resins are well-known for their high quality, with our dedication to constant improvement and development ensuring that NEOPET is performing above expectations. We always seek to produce and supply the best quality with an incomparable quality of service.

Thanks to extensive investment, NEO GROUP’s polyol production was considerably expanded in April 2017. We are now able to achieve an annual production capacity of 9,000 tonnes following the additional 4,500 tonnes generated by adding a second polyol production line.

The second polyol production line installed allows NEO GROUP to produce fully aliphatic polyols in addition to our well-established Aromatic Polyester Polyol products based on phthalic anhydrid, considerably widening our NEOPOLYOL portfolio.

Annual Polyol capacity of


As part of the NEO GROUP’s ongoing focus on development and innovation, research and development is integral to our strategic growth.

The PET and polyol market is characterised by both flexibility and reliability, so much of our R&D is centred on maintaining and enhancing the reliability and continuity of the quality of our core NEOPET and NEOPOLYOL products

50M€ investment in third PET line

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