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Together We Are Stronger

2020 / 04 / 15

In response to the needs of our neighboring communities, NEO GROUP UAB provided further resources for activities related to the prevention, counteracting and fighting against COVID-19.

NEO GROUP grants a donation, dedicated to the purchase and supply of large quantities of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) from China. On 15th April we supported Gargždai hospital in Klaipėda district, donating 2000 surgical masks, 500 FFP2 respirator masks, 500 liters of hand spray disinfectant, 100 of safety glasses and 100 pairs of disposable gloves. In addition, 1700 FFP2 respiratory masks and 1500 face masks were provided to Klaipėda district municipality, knowing that they will support and take care of those, who need help the most in the current situation.
Hand spray and surface disinfectants were spread out to various organizations in nearby areas: for high school’s Klaipėda Baltic gymnasium teachers and Klaipėda city health professionals, who carry out their work activities in different objects and are at high risk of infection.

This donation is a response to the demand of our local communities in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are glad that we were able to help in the fight against the threat that affects us all. Thanks to our responsible team we continue producing PET resins and we believe, that simply pulling together for the common good will help us to pass this difficult time more smoothly.